Horse vaccines  

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If you see your horse on the affected symptoms of intestinal parasites such as it was visible belly bulging, hair looks dirty, experienced a decrease in body weight, colic, diarrhea, not forceful, hampered growth.

If you hesitate to use the horse wormer, fecal egg count tests available through the vet.
Most horses develop a strong resistance to all horse wormers but especially given on a daily basis.

The tetanus vaccination is imperative because tetanus is much easier to prevent than treat. It is fatal for horses in most cases, says the vet.
The initial tetanus vaccine requires two injections four to six weeks apart, followed by an annual booster injection.

It's an excellent vaccine that works very well compared to other horse vaccines, so owners should be using it.
So what are the most common injuries and what can you do while you wait for the vet to arrive?

Small puncture wounds, such as a nail in the foot, are commonplace and, although they may look harmless enough, can cause potentially disastrous effects.

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